About me

Hi, I’m Fiona. My history with words goes back a long way. When I was in primary school, my favourite class activity was conferencing. That was when you sat down with a friend, read each other’s stories, and gave feedback. My methods may have changed – from learning professional proofreading mark-up for editing on paper; to manipulating text in Adobe Creative Suite – but I haven’t really stopped conferencing since.

My editing experience has covered all stages of manuscript development. I’ve come in at the very beginning and tidied up Word documents that were more streams of consciousness than stories. I’ve given structural feedback, which assesses the story as a whole, the strength of its characters, its plausibility, the order of events. I’ve copy-edited, making sure spelling and punctuation is consistent throughout. I’ve proofread books right before they go to print, checking them down to the finest detail to ensure there are no mistakes.

What I love about each of these stages is the opportunity to improve a story, to work with someone who has taken an idea, built it into a place, populated it with people and made it into something to share. If you have one of those stories, and feel like it needs some ‘conferencing’, get in touch.